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ISA Member Meeting: Empowering Collaboration Between Companies and Irish Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) to Grow Ireland’s Space Industry.

The Irish Space Association (ISA)held its second event today, since its formation in April 2023, to mark a new major initiative of the organisation "Empowering Collaboration between Irish Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and Companies to Support the Growth of Ireland’s Space Industry".

Held in collaboration with ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland and hosted by Tyndall National Institute in Cork, the gathering brought together key stakeholders from the Irish Space Industry, RPOs, and government bodies to recognise the importance of forging strong synergies between RPOs and industry and explore the practical pathways to do it. Such collaboration is seen as vital to the continuous growth and development of the industry.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Patricia Moore of the ISA Committee noted:

This event marks a critical step in fostering an environment where RPOs and companies can work together. Through collaboration, we are unlocking new opportunities and creating a platform for sustainable growth in the Irish space industry.

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