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The Cluster Effect: Accelerating the Space Business Roadmap

Irish Space Association holds first member meeting following launch in April to discuss the benefits of Clustering.

Today marked a major milestone for the Irish Space Association (ISA) as it held its first Member meeting at DCU Alpha. Chaired by John Halligan, the event brought together key figures in the industry to discuss the future of the space sector in Ireland and highlight the immense opportunities for Irish companies operating in the sector.

Speakers on the day included representatives from the ISA Committee, DCU Alpha, Ubotica, Enbio, DroneConsultants Ireland, and Viasat, as well as the Irish Defence Forces. The diverse range of topics covered, from AI in space and flying close to the sun, to the future of the drone sector in Ireland, showcased the breadth and depth of Ireland’s capabilities in the space sector.

The ISA, officially launched in April 2023 at Enterprise Ireland’s headquarters in Dublin, was formed in response to the rapid growth of the space industry in Ireland and the need for sector-level representation. This inaugural meeting represents a significant step forward in the Association's mission to support the Irish space sector's growth and competitiveness, foster collaboration, and ensure sectoral representation on both the national and international stage.

In today's meeting, the underlying sentiment was clear: the Irish space sector is ripe with opportunity. As the global space sector is expected to grow to $1.3T by 2030,Irish companies are well-positioned to seize a larger share of this market.

The ISA is committed to supporting these companies, capitalising on the nation's collective strengths and expertise, and enabling Ireland to be at the forefront of space innovation and technology. Today's meeting is just the beginning, and the ISA looks forward to driving continued momentum and success in Ireland's space sector.

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