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Our mission statement

Who we are

The Irish Space Association (ISA) represents and supports members in Ireland's Space sector, emphasising networking and collaboration across various industry segments. Its goal is to foster member growth and development through partnerships and advocacy.

What we do

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Develop networks


Facilitate networking and collaboration between our members

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Share information


Foster an open community of information sharing through our events, website, newsletters & social media

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Shape policy


Help inform government policy to create an optimal environment for the space industry

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Champion space


Raise awareness and promote the role space plays in our daily life

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Why join us?

Benefits of ISA Membership

Access the Irish space network

ISA provides its members with access to a unique network of companies, Universities and Government bodies that can support their growth and ambitions.

Accelerate your business roadmap

Looking to take the next step in your business? ISA can help guide and facilitate access to funding and business supports to enable you to take your business to the next level.

Growth and development

ISA is committed to working with its members to get what they need to grow and develop in the space economy.